Five ways to entertain the kids this weekend … so you can be alone

Weekends are for family time! Maybe! In some houses?

Kidding — we do family time here, too. But you know what else we do? We do “MOMMY NEEDS ALONE TIME” time.

After a busy work-week and lots of running around, I need down-time on the weekends and that means my kids need to stay busy … and I can only let them watch so much TV before I feel guilty.

So here are five easy suggestions that will hopefully keep your kids busy for a while this weekend, because I heard Switched at Birth is back on Netflix and IT MUST BE WATCHED.

1. Lego marble runs.

Put those overpriced base plates to use and make simple “tracks” for the marbles using Lego bricks. Don’t forget the dead ends, and bonus points if you use doors or windows for START and FINISH lines. I kind of enjoy this, too!

2. Science experiments.

My kids LOVE messing around with baking soda, vinegar, flour and — if I’m feeling charitable — food colouring.

If I was a better mom I’d probably sit around and chatter on about the different scientific principles when a reaction happens. But TBH it’s a good time to have a few minutes alone on another level of the house.

I mean, I have to clean up the mess afterwards! It’s not like I’m abandoning the activity entirely.

3. Let them make a mess with cardboard.

Boxes, tape, crayons, and pairs of kid-friendly scissors keep my kids busy for HOURS. Yeah it’s a bitch to clean up those little bits of cardboard later on, but it’s worth it to see them make airplanes and cars and robots and hideouts and dog-training courses.

(And when I say “see them” I mean “hide on another level and admire the creations later.” Are you sensing a pattern here? Good.)

4. Kick ’em outside.

 Fresh air is good for children and quiet houses are good for parents. Those are facts.

The best thing about having children who are too young to tell time is that you can shoo them outside “just for 10 minutes” and then lie about how long 10 minutes actually takes to pass.

5. Put them to work!

One of the greatest mornings of the summer, according to my kids, was when I let them help me stain the deck. Go figure!

If you have chores you need to do this weekend, yeah, it MIGHT be a huge pain to do them with the kids. But you’d be surprised the menial labour they enjoy.

// Have a great weekend, and here’s hoping you get a bit of alone time — we deserve it!

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