Easy DIY gift: woodburn a quote

Now that Christmas is behind us, I can start showing some of the handmade gifts I gave this year. Fun!
I found this cute phrase on Pinterest and decided it was perfect for my sister’s tea-loving Brit boyfriend. I even loved the font, so I didn’t bother to retype it or anything — just printed it off!
Then I scribbled over the back of the whole page with a pencil, which is my new favourite way for transferring words onto ANYTHING.
Once the back of the paper is covered in pencil smudge, you flip it over and press it against your board (or any surface) and use a sharp point (like a seam ripper) to trace the letters. The smudge transfers onto the surface and you’re good to go!
Then I switched on my typography (woodburning) tool and started tracing the pencil marks.
You hold the tool just like you’d hold a pen or pencil, so it’s pretty much just like writing.
This is the set my sister bought me for Christmas last year. I love it!
The trick is to keep the tip moving at an even speed so you don’t get random black burn marks (where it’s pressed against the wood too long) and keep the “burn colour” consistent.
As soon as you’ve traced the last section, this is what you have!
I decided to make it look more “finished” by making a simply wooden frame from 1×2″ boards and staining it dark to bring out the letters.
Tutorial on frame-making coming soon!
I love how this turned out and I definitely want to make more wood-burned quotes. I have NUMEROUS Pinterest boards dedicated to quotes so there’s always something ready to go. 🙂
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