DIY farmhouse coffee table

The thing about having a house with a finished basement and no garage is that there is no “someday” when it comes to furniture. It’s just “use it or lose it.” There is nowhere to store anything that is not an integral part of your decor.

So when it came to our living room coffee table, I had to either make it work or kick it (back) to the curb. Yes, this is the same coffee table I rescued from a curb one spring. I painted it white and my handy husband built two little benches that slide perfectly underneath.

It worked well for a long time, but then our living room underwent two dramatic adoptions: a puppy and a rug. Both new additions meant that our children (ages four and six) are no longer allowed to eat in the living room. (Partially because I don’t want the puppy to get sick from errant chocolate chips from their pancakes, but mostly because this rug was hella expensive and the idea of it being stained with chocolate makes me feel faint.)

(EDITED TO ADD: Ohhhhh, but look what happened to the dog anyway.)

The white-painted coffee table with its modern lines didn’t look right against the vintage-looking Turkish rug (which, by the way, is from Wayfair and I love it). The coffee table was suddenly a yucky cheap (well, free) eyesore and we weren’t even using the benches anymore.

We’ll likely sell the coffee table (and benches) at some point, but for now I wanted a temporary solution …

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And here’s the original coffee table bench tutorial, if you liked it better the old way …

Building benches for a coffee table

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