Here we go, Grade 1

Primary blew by at the speed of light, and suddenly there was a little boy — a BIG little boy with a brand-new haircut — standing eagerly at the bus stop ready for Grade 1.

I’m so eager for D to get home so I can find out what Grade 1 was like.

I hope his teacher loves him the way I want her to (i.e. explicitly, reverently, madly). I hope he was polite and quiet and made a good impression. I hope the questionably-behaved kids are in another class so they don’t leadeth him into temptation. I hope he didn’t feel like he’s forgotten everything over the summer (he … he possibly has?). I hope he gets off the bus grinning and full of stories.

I can’t believe we’re just a year away from having both kids in elementary school — one in Grade 2, one in Primary.

Instead of the 6.5 hours I’ll start having as of next week, when C starts preschool again, I’ll have … wait for it … 27.5 hours every single week in which to work, all alone, in a quiet house.

I know, I know. It’s still a YEAR away, and I don’t want to wish away this time — my last year with a little one at home — but …

… it’s still going to be pretty rad.

So what do you think?

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