Refinishing a tabletop

Family friends gifted us with their old dining table, chairs and hutch when we moved into our home almost five years ago. My mom warned them I’d probably paint it white — she knows me well — and they said they didn’t care.

But I was actually too nervous to touch it. I’d heard again and again, “Never paint your grandparents’ furniture,” and this was the closest I was going to get to handed-down heirlooms. It was a beautifully solid set and I was afraid to wreck it.

Over the years, however, I felt more and more weighed down by the dark orange-y furniture that loomed in the dining area — these darn open-concept homes don’t really let you say “dining room,” do they? While the rest of the main level was light and bright — white cabinets, light hardwood, lots of airy blues and greys and greens — the dining area was heavy and brooding.

Earlier this month I decided enough was enough: I was finally ready to do something about it …

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