How to layer Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint for an aged effect

Remember these yellow stools in our kitchen? They lasted exactly six months before I was itching to redo them. I love yellow — really love it — but over time it felt like it was getting brighter and bolder. I could barely appreciate the beadboard peninsula or the white subway tile because those stools were screaming anything-but-mellow yellow.

But here’s something you probably already know about me: I dislike being wrong, and I hate backtracking of any kind. I recently got myself lost in the woods near our home because I refused to turn around when I suspected I was going the wrong way. So I didn’t want to completely remove the yellow milk paint, but I also didn’t want to keep it there. What’s a DIYer to do? Layer it with more milk paint!

I got started by removing the layer of clear furniture wax with a bit of odourless solvent, and then I gave them a light sand. Then I used a beeswax puck to rub different areas of the stool so the new paint wouldn’t stick to all of the yellow — mostly around the edges and on the cracks between the boards.

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