Anthropologie-inspired DIY desk organizer

Ontario has four Anthropologie locations and Quebec has two, but the hipster mecca hasn’t hit the Maritimes yet. That’s probably a good thing because I suspect I’d march around saying “I could totally make that from old newspapers and sticks” and “I could sew that dress — I just need 40 dishcloths and some burlap.”

This week, I looked at a $40 Anthropologie desk organizer and basically said “Yep, I can make that with tin cans from the recycling bin.” And then I did.

The Anthropologie piece literally looks like tin cans of various sizes, lined up on a board and spray-painted copper. So naturally I started by digging around in my recycling bin for different cans and jars to get a mixture of sizes. The winners were the tomato juice can, a soup can, a pizza sauce can, a pasta sauce can and a small jar that used to hold bread yeast.

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