Super-cheap DIY shiplap wall tutorial

I tend to live in a blog-fogged Pinterest world where I get caught up in trends that aren’t really that, well, normal outside of a computer monitor. I thought everyone was lusting after shiplap until I realized nobody in real life had even heard of it. They were like “Ship-what? What are you doing?”

I’d been stewing over the focal wall in our basement family room/playroom for months. I’d enlisted my handy husband to paint it emerald green immediately after Pantone announced it as 2013’s Colour of the Year, but it turned out darker than I expected and I wasn’t crazy about it. (That is not something you want to admit to the person who just applied three or four coats for you, so I kept quiet.)

I knew I wanted to do something different on that wall but I couldn’t decide what. A really amazing wallpaper? A cool paint treatment like stripes or dots or a crazy geometric pattern?

When the shiplap trend started popping up everywhere online, I knew it was perfect … but I was worried about the cost.

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