Pinterest fail: Egg carton flower picture frames

I love a good DIY project that uses recycled items (hello, FREE!) but I’ll be the first to admit things don’t always turn out as pretty as they do on Pinterest.

My attempts to turn old egg cartons into 3D art for picture frames? This *should* have been a great, kid-friendly, nearly-free project that cleverly used up something that would otherwise be trash, but it certainly didn’t work out as lovely as advertised.

I maintain there’s still hope, though, so here’s what to do if you’d like to give it a try …

1. Grab a couple of empty egg cartons to get started. Styrofoam or cardboard cartons are all fine, but you’ll be stuck with plain white flowers if you choose a styrofoam carton. Trust me, white is better than what happens when you paint them. (Spoiler alert: “I’m meltingggg! Oh, what a world! What a world!”)

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