DIY media cabinet from an old hutch

I’d been wanting to upgrade the flimsy basement “entertainment centre” for ages. What had originally been a spectacular (at the time) unit with a storage bridge spanning two tall cabinets and a low rolling TV stand in the middle was now just … a low rolling TV stand.

Ugh, right?

Its companion pieces long sold, broken or donated, it was the last surviving piece of Zellers memorabilia in a household that strongly supported the big Z.

Since the TV is wall-mounted, the stand wasn’t living up to its full potential anymore. It held the stereo components and gaming systems along with a whack of junk. It was the perfect low height to collect empty glasses, beer cans, stray discs and the odd toy or two. It was a dust-collecting mess and it was time to replace it with something taller.

Luckily, fate stepped in. Remember a few weeks ago when my friend gave us her old hand-me-down dining room hutch? It was a standard two-piece with a lower bank of cabinets and an upper section with glass doors and shelving.

So much potential, right?

We already had a hutch, so I knew right away we’d be separating it — and that the top section would be a perfect new media cabinet …

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