How to recover a lampshade

Lamps are one of those things you can pick up pretty easily at a yard sale or thrift shop and there’s an easy explanation: most people don’t think about redoing them.

They see a hideous fringed shade or a scratched-up base and all they can think is “Nope, not in my house.” Sure, new lamps aren’t that expensive — $40 to $60 for most of the ones I’m eyeing — but it’s thrilling to get one for less than a cup of tea, isn’t it? Or is that just me?

I snagged three lamps for this week’s project — one hand-me-down and two matching brass beauties from a thrift store for $1 each. The brass lamps didn’t come with shades so I picked up new white ones from Walmart — my go-to shade spot — and I was ready to get started.

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One Comment on “How to recover a lampshade

  1. Remind me to bring excess fabric to you next time I see you … I have lots and you do clever things with scraps that I would never think of. These lamp shades are great!


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