Lessons learned while stencilling a gigantic wall

It started off so well. I’d say I don’t know what went wrong, but that wouldn’t be true. What matters is that I mostly fixed it, so let’s go with that.

The whole ordeal actually started because I wanted to correct a mistake. The stairwell going down to our basement playroom/family room was painted grey and I’d thought I could brighten it up with a colourful gallery wall on one side. It turned out that gallery walls are not always the answer, unfortunately, and the stairwell felt weirdly crowded.

So the solution was surely to take everything down, patch the holes, touch up the grey paint and do a really incredible stencilled treatment, right? An accent wall that would add interest while going down the stairs and look almost like wallpaper?

Sure, I’d never stencilled anything, but I took a workshop and learned the swishy-swishy technique that you’re supposed to use. I bought Fusion Mineral Paint’s 12” x 12” Moroccan trellis stencil and a package of Martha Stewart Crafts stencilling brushes to use with my leftover off-the-shelf white paint. I was ready!

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