The cutest personalized Easter gifts you ever did see + giveaway

The following is a sponsored conversation with Put Me in the Story. All opinions, dated couches and ill-lit iPhone photos are my own. 

One of the awesome things about having little kids (mine are three and five and LET’S NOT TALK ABOUT HOW SOON THEY’LL BE FOUR AND SIX, k thanks) is that they get so excited over little things.

Like eating off certain plates. Or getting straws in their chocolate milk. Or the mail carrier! Hoo boy, they love seeing Trudy walk up our steps!

I’ve written before about our love for Put Me In The Story’s personalized books (lots of times) because they’re a win-win-win in our house: the kids LOVE them, I LOVE how cute they are, and the stories are actually well-written and fun to read — which, as a writer, is very important to me.

Unlike the (really hilariously terrible) type-written personalized book I had as a kid in the late ’80s, Put Me In The Story books allow you to customize a lot more than just your child’s name. You upload photos of them for different sections of the book and also customize your dedication — which sometimes appears on the cover, too.

This is important if your three-year-old has suddenly decided she does NOT like the name you gave her at birth and creates a new name.

Like our darling daughter: Hello Kitty Lottie Skye a.k.a. Dino a.k.a. Aurora

Everybody wins!

These are the two books we chose for the kids for Easter: Don’t Push The Button for D, and I Love you Honey Bunny for C. They’re adorable, of course, because these books can’t be anything BUT adorable. And colourful. And OH-SO-PERSONALIZED!

 The stories are both so sweet, but I must say that Don’t Push The Button might just be the best one we’ve gotten yet — right up there with My Name is Not Charlotte Rose, which practically makes me cry it’s so freaking cute. (I have recommend it to many, many friends and readers and they all love it, too.)

Look at the last page! Look at it! *sob*

Don’t Push The Button is a quick read (which is a bonus for Darling Husband who gravitates towards the fastest, shortest stories on the shelf) but it’s really clever.

I love the little monster (Larry) and the fact that he says “We can’t! We mustn’t!” More kids books need to be that cool.

Ready to order one of these over-the-top adorable books for your child’s Easter basket? How about getting it for free? …

Enter Put Me In The Story’s giveaway for a chance to win a personalized Easter Book Bundle! 

Giveaway ends 3/10/2016 at 11:59pm CST

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