Parenting through secondhand FOMO

On the list of things I feel guilty about at this exact moment, one of them is swimming lessons. Namely, that our kids are not currently enrolled. You’ve heard of secondhand smoke, right? Well, I suffer from secondhand FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

They wanted to take the lessons! They asked! I may or may not have uttered a teensy fib about swimming lessons not being offered in the winter, but, uh, Mommy’s pretty sure they’ll be running in the spring.

It’s not that I have anything against swimming lessons. I think they’re great, and they certainly worked wonders on our tentative kids. (What’s the opposite of saying someone “swims like a fish,” because ours are … that?)

It’s just that we absolutely cannot handle another weekly commitment at the moment … and that makes me feel simultaneously proud of sticking to my guns, but also guilty that my children are missing out on wonderful experiences.

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