Easy-sew fleece facewarmer

The problem with little kids — well, one of the problems — is that you can’t put scarves on them without terrible fears of them hanging themselves accidentally on the monkey bars.

(I know, right? They must have shown a scary video in school or something because I feel like it’s bound to happen if I put my kids in a scarf.)

The problem with living in Canada is that it’s freezing in the winter, and the winter is damn long
Since we walk to the bus stop 10 times a week — and then wait there for a long time because I’m compulsively early — I decided I needed to make facewarmers for me and the kids. Something scarf-like but that would easily open if one of us happened to find a set of monkey bars on the walk to the bus.
Ready? Let’s do this …
I did 24″ and it was a good length, but you know how I am with measuring. 

(Note: if your fleece is higher-quality, you may not need to hem. I used a grey piece for D’s facewarmer and I didn’t need to hem it, but C’s was on the fuzzy side.)

I still use this guy from our cloth-diapering days, and I love them. 

It helps to have a helper. (And it was hilarious to watch her tremble because she was squeezing it SO. HARD.)

I did an “innie” snap on one end, and four “outie” snaps on the other end so it was adjustable, but we just use the tightest snap. So really, you just need one? Unless your kid’s head changes sizes, which … apparently I thought mine did …?

The view from the back. It actually keeps snow/cold air from creeping down the gap between her hood and the coat (when her hood is down) so that was an added bonus.

How cute is my banged-up little girl? (There was a sledding accident the day before I took these photos. Daddy was on duty. I just feel the need to point that out.)

(Also: I sewed her a two-second headband (pictured above) with one rectangle of fleece and a single line of stitching on the machine.)

Nanook of the North, er, Nova Scotia.

Stay warm out there, lovelies!


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