Three ways to get more veggies into your kids

I don’t think ALL veggies should be hidden or disguised, of course, because then we’d end up with a society of people who are convinced they don’t like any vegetables.

My approach is to serve them a good amount of vegetables — front and centre, no hiding — but also to sneak some more into their diets because of growing minds and bodies and yadda yadda healthy choices, you know?

(I draw the line at beans in brownies. I know it’s a thing. I refuse to believe it’s a thing.)

Ready? Here are my current favourite ways for getting veggies (and not-their-favourite fruits) into my kids:

1. Pretty ’em.

Our dinner plates usually contain pretty ho-hum servings of steamed broccoli, cauliflower, beans, carrots or some combination of them.

But when I serve veggies at LUNCH, I try to make them more fun because, IDK, lunch seems to require fun. It’s dinner’s cooler little sister.

2. Freeze ’em.

I know a lot of parents have great luck getting their kids to eat pureed fruits and veggies in those convenient little cups or pouches. But my kids have NEVER been fans of anything applesauce-y (it’s a texture thing, they’re weird like me) so we could never go that route.

However! I found a hack for it.

By tossing the squeezy packs into the freezer and marketing them to the kids as “Breakfast Slushies,” or I squeeze the contents into a popsicle mould and call them “Breakfast Popsicles.”

They think they’re getting a special treat but I’m able to load them up with goodness they wouldn’t normally touch (i.e. mango, butternut squash, pomegranate, kiwi, beets, acai, and Greek yogurt). A full serving of fruits and veggies? Heck yeah!

The toddler-friendly Squoosh Snacks have simpler flavour combinations but my kids dug the “big kid” graffiti-esque packaging of the Slammers SuperFood pouches.

3. Sneak ’em.

This one’s the oldest trick in the book but I’m still surprised at the number of friends who don’t do it. My kids are pasta freaks. They could eat it every day if I let them — and, actually, D almost does because he takes a frozen spaghetti lunch puck to school just about every weekday.

Because they’ll dive into a plate of “pasta and red sauce” with no questions asked, I sneak all kinds of vegetables into the meat sauce. Sometimes I’ll puree leftover cauliflower and dump it in, and other times I just finely chop a ton of peppers, carrots, onions, and anything produce-y I find in the fridge.


What are your best tips for getting veggies into your kids?

Disclosure: I received free product from Slammers Snacks for my family to review. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

2 Comments on “Three ways to get more veggies into your kids

  1. There was a period, long back, that I didn't care for vegetables. The considered them made me recoil and the main way my mother could inspire me to eat them was by mixing them and sneaking them into my sustenance! I was a famously demanding eater growing up with a ravenous sweet tooth. Shara


  2. Only for the record, I have two offspring of my own and have looked after more than one hundred kids in my time. Getting these little critters to eat their veggies makes us more insane than we'd like to concede and inspires an emotional response in our memory each season of our guardians making us eat soft, canned green beans. In this way, I get this issue, I truly do, and I have a couple of thoughts to offer you some assistance with solving this consistently issue.


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