The easiest, most delicious banana muffin recipe on the internet

I made “my” famous banana and dark chocolate mini-chip muffins on the weekend, and it occurred to me that I may not have ever shared the recipe here? Which is pretty nuts, when you think about it, because I make these muffins about once a week (a.k.a. whenever we buy bananas and don’t eat them all before they go brownish).

// use this recipe from CatCanCook, and I can attest that they really are foolproof because (A) I absolutely cannot make banana bread, but I can make these, and (B) they always, always, always turn out perfectly.

It should be noted that I dislike bananas and also don’t eat these muffins, but I can appreciate that they’re really gorgeous-looking muffins. The kids love them. Darling Husband loves them. And I love the fact that they make an incredibly easy breakfast.

“Kids, go downstairs and grab a muffin. I’ll be down … soon.”


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