Easy bento lunches (without buying those crazy-expensive boxes)

A dinosaur-shaped sandwich surrounded by star-shaped pieces of cheese. A container of yogurt dressed up with a few sprinkles. A toothpick skewering little chunks of apples, strawberries and grapes.

There’s something about tiny portions of all different foods that makes lunch SO VERY EXCITING for a little kid.

Bento lunches started in Japan as “visually-appealing meals packed into boxes,” and they’re all the rage in the school cafeteria. You can buy fancy space-age metal or plastic bento boxes with containers that fit neatly inside like puzzle pieces.

Of course, you don’t need to shell out $30 for a real bento box. Personally, I think that’s just asking for OCD frustration — I’d hulk out when my kids inevitably lost one of the irreplaceable little containers and the box was no longer a complete set.


Continue reading how to make bento lunches on a budget over in my “This DIY House” column in Family Matters magazine.

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