A new look for Laptops to Lullabies!

I swear, getting your first proper blog design is like going your entire life without a real haircut, or wearing nothing but underwear made from tinfoil and finally experiencing a real pair of cotton bikinis. You don’t realize how much you needed it until you get it.
Earlier this summer, I hired a very talented designer named Krystal Acker (who lives right here in Nova Scotia) to give Laptops to Lullabies its first official design, because everything to date had just been me, messing around in MS Paint or whatever it’s called.
She helped my little blog get a complete makeover, and the whole crew here at Laptops to Lullabies (a.k.a me and my mug of tea) is thrilled with it.
Remember the original look? So very pink and cutesy.
The most recent look. Still pink. Still not professional.
Soooo much better!
I mean, look at me! I’m a cartoon! Two cartoons! I love the way Krystal was able to capture the “professional work-at-home journalist” me, and the casual tank-top-clad “stay-at-home mom” me. 

Huge THANK YOU to Krystal for her amazing work, and I highly recommend her to all of my friends in the blogosphere. She’s extremely affordable and super fun to work with.

I’ve been at this blogging thing for six and a half years now, so it was definitely time to refresh the site and give it the love it deserves. I feel a new excitement about blogging, and hope to get more posts up soon.

One Comment on “A new look for Laptops to Lullabies!

  1. Thank you so much Heather, you were so much fun to work with and I absolutely LOVE how everything came together!


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