When preschoolers text

You know when you write something, and you have a feel this will be one of the pieces that gets readers sending emails and commenting — fast and furious? I shared my latest parenting column on my Facebook page about 30 seconds ago, and I’m bracing myself.

I have several anti-screen people on my Facebook friends list, and I *know* our stance on this is not for everyone. But I’m talking about preschoolers + texting in this week’s column …

… It started out as a joke, I think. I discovered that our family’s iPad had the little green “Messages” icon, which meant it could send iMessages to other iOs devices. So I programmed in the numbers of a few family members with iPhones, and showed the kids how to select their names. 

“You can type in a little message, and then press the blue ‘Send’ to send it,” I explained. “They’ll be so excited to get a text from you!” 

I pulled up the pages of emojis — screen after screen of tiny smiley faces, hearts, flowers, foods, sports, and even farm animals — and the kids were enamoured. They fought each other for control of the keypad as they tapped out row after row of pictures …

Read the full column here

So what do you think?

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