Adventures in yard sales: The $2 nightstand makeover

I love picking furniture off the side of the road, or buying a piece for a few dollars at a yard sale and completely redoing it. I always want to show the “after” picture to the original owner, so they can see the potential that was in the piece they gave up. But they’d definitely think I was crazy if I showed up at their door with pictures, so let’s hope they’re reading this!

We were trolling the yard sales a few weekends ago and came across one sale that included a massive collection of cow kitsch — ceramic statues, stuffies, lamps and even a little nightstand with a cow-shaped knob.

We’d been looking for a nightstand for our son’s room (actually, we’re in the market for two more, since I’m the only member of the family with a nightstand), so I was pleased when the owner told me it was just $2. I handed our son a toonie to give to the man, scooped up the nightstand and carted it to the minivan. When you find a piece of sturdy second-hand furniture with drawers that glide open easily, you pounce.

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