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You know when you friend-request someone and you’re kind of nervous about whether or not they’ll accept?

Well, making your own Facebook page is like texting hundreds of friends and acquaintances and former colleagues and asking if they’ll please, please, please, come to your lame birthday party.

So this is me, inviting you to my lame party. There might be cake …

There is not cake. Maybe snacks, though.

I have been putting off this whole make-a-Facebook page thing for ages now, because I’m terrified I’ll end up with like 23 pity-likes from family members and close friends.

I struggled with what to call the page, because I feel like I’m walking around every day as five or six different Heathers — each with their own “thing.”

  • Blogger Heather, sparkly pink keyboard sold separately
  • Parenting columnist Heather who once got hate-mail for sunscreening her kids “wrong”
  • DIY columnist Heather who always has paint under her nails
  • Journalist Heather who wears a headset and does interviews while the kids are asleep
  • Copywriter Heather who, like, puts words on, like, professional stuff?
  • Aspiring author Heather who can’t seem to find time to write and publish a damn book
In the end, I decided to roll up all of the Heathers together, and smush everything into a single Heather-y Facebook page
I plan to use for page for linking to my work (blogs, columns, articles, etc.) and the odd nonsensical post/photo/video about the strange and hilarious things my kids are doing. I don’t know. Is that what people want? I like funny things on Facebook. We’ll try it, anyway.
It feels slightly uncomfortable to have a “page” and invite people to please, please, please “like” you, but it’s important for freelancers to promote the heck out of themselves, so … consider this a shameless plea to “like” me.
I promise to be mostly* as entertaining on Facebook as I am here.
*Not a guarantee

2 Comments on “It’s a new soundtrack | I could write to this beat | forevermore

  1. Good for you! I've been thinking about the same and am scared to pull the trigger. Your page looks GREAT – can't wait to see what you post 🙂


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