Get the Behavior You Want … Without Being the Parent You Hate! {Book review}

I don’t read a lot of parenting books. In fact, I think I’ve maybe read less than five — unless you count Rebecca Eckler’s Wiped and Toddlers Gone Wild, which I totally do.

This sounds kind of ridiculous, considering I write a parenting blog (hi), I write a parenting column for six newspapers, and I used to write a parenting column in a magazine. (Does reading your own stuff count? No. Probably not.)

I dutifully read pregnancy and infant-care books when I was pregnant with D, back in the day, because I was determined to READ! LEARN! Totally MASTER this parenting thing from the get-go!

And then … of course … I had the baby and lost basically all of my reading time. Most of my parenting knowledge was suddenly coming from blogs instead of books.

Check it out here

Get the Behavior You Want … Without Being the Parent You Hate! is like a fun parenting blog, in paper booky-form. Unlike a lot of parenting books that require you to sit down and pore over each chapter like you’re studying for a test (hint: no one will get an A+), this book is full of quick notes and bullet points, broken down by age.

Parents with an eight-year-old and a 10-year-old don’t want to read about toddler tantrums, and parents of one-year-old twins don’t give a hoot that nine-year-olds are craving independence. We all just want some tips and advice about the exact stage of our own kid(s), right?

The table of contents makes it easy to quickly skip ahead to your Problem Du Jour, whether it’s fighting or homework or whining or mealtimes. Everything is broken down into quick, manageable sections — with fun names like “I’m Boooooooooooooreeeeed!” and “Forms: Don’t Fill ‘Em Out.”

I remember thinking, when D was a baby, that I wish I’d made cheat-sheets back when I was “studying” to be a parent. Little highlighted index cards that I could refer back to, when I was stumped about why he wasn’t napping, or how I could keep him off window-ledges and counters teetering stacks of storage bins.

Well, I’ve found my cheat-sheets, four years later.

Thanks, Dr. G!

Dr. G provided me with a review copy of Get the Behavior You Want … Without Being the Parent You Hate! All opinions (and water bottles in the background of photos) are my own.

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