That one time I was in a book …

When I was four or five, my parents ordered me a personalized book as a Christmas present, and it kind of blew my mind …

It included my name, my best friend’s name (Steven, who remains a good friend to this day), and my pet’s name — a cranky black cat named Sardi (my mom’s cat, technically, who hated me with a passion for “stealing” his mom). 
It also included my street name and neighbourhood name, which, THRILLING, right? To a four-year-old? 

I think they’d found an ad for this personalized book in a magazine or something from Typewriters ‘R’ Us, but it was the late 1980s, so technology wasn’t exactly what it was today.

Even though the book was pretty cheesy, looking back, I dearly loved that thing. I’m 31 now, and I still have it — and read it to my kids every Christmas. They, too, are pretty darn excited to read about Mommy in a real book!

The nice people at Put Me In The Story personalized books reached out to me to share their awesome personalized books, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how far this “genre” has come since the 1980s (you know, when VCRs were something you RENTED).

There are personalized books with beloved characters like Elmo, Hello KittyDoc McStuffinsSofia the First, and the Berenstain Bears, superhero-themed books, and classic books like On The Night You Were Born.

Guys, these books are really, really, awesome …

I chose this one for C, my little firecracker!

I chose this one for D, because it looks really sweet. 

I can’t wait for our personalized books to arrive, because I know the kids are going to flip out with excitement.

Now it’s your turn!

You could win a $500 shopping spree from Put Me In The Story personalized books, and 50 winners will receive a free personalized book of their choice (there’s so many to choose from!)

Enter now using Rafflecopter!//

Good luck!

Thanks to Put Me In The Story for providing me with personalized books for C and D, and thank you in advance for supporting the awesome brands that support Laptops to Lullabies. All opinions and hilarious typewritten Santa stories circa 1987 are my own. 

7 Comments on “That one time I was in a book …

  1. I would love to get the Avengers personalized book for my little guy! His name is not a common one so we always have to customize stuff to get his name on anything (read – it's such a pain to try and get anything done with his name we don't have much)


  2. These are awesome! I might have to make one for my little girl's first Christmas. I think I'd have to do “On the night you were born”.


  3. I'd love the Find Me if You Can book. My boys LOVE I Spy books and how cool is it to look for their own face in the book?


  4. I too had the same book personalized for me from the late 80's, and loved it as a child! Unfortunately I don't have it anymore, and can't for the life of me remember the name of the book. Any help is greatly appreciated!!


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