Fashion Recycling Week: Day 3 (T-shirt to ruffled, ruched tank)

I’m baaaack with my rotary cutter! (Old clothes, you’d better run and hide!)
We’re going through fashion recycling projects this week — which were all completed on Sunday afternoon, actually, so it shows how quick they all are to make!
This was D’s Batman T-shirt. I always liked it a lot, but he didn’t care either way. He didn’t know who or what Batman was until very recently (and he’s almost four), so we have yet to hit the Superhero stage.

C has been wearing this T-shirt for a few months now — usually *ahem* when Darling Husband dresses her — and while I have no problem with her wearing a boy’s shirt, I … also kind of have a problem with her wearing a boy’s shirt. I can’t help it! Ruffles are kind of in my DNA.

I cut the sleeves off entirely to make nice, large armholes — and then folded them inward to make a skinny pocket all the way around the hole, so I could add elastic to “ruche” them in.

I also cut two strips of yellow fabric from my stash, ironed them (whaaaat?), and made a little ruffle along the front and back to girl it up.


(Alicia Silverstone would totally wear this, right? Thanks.)

Keep checking back this week for more fashion recycling projects!


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