There’s a new gig in town …

Guys! Things are busy! I’ve been an absent blogger, I know!

I just had to stop in quickly to tell you about a fun new writing project I have during my “work life” — writing a column on … you guessed it … parenting!

You can read the first column online here, and it’s set to run every Wednesday in four different papers here in Nova Scotia.

I promise I’ll be back soon with details on what else has been keeping me busy (i.e. a second-birthday party for Little Miss C, some house-y projects, and a very special present we’ve made for her big day).


2 Comments on “There’s a new gig in town …

  1. I read this last week and thought it was great! I think a lot of moms agree that you don't always feel like a “mom”, but at the end of the day you are and those little people are the best!
    I wish I still didn't get Id'ed at the liqour store though!

    Congrats on the new column, can't wait to read more!


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