Potty-training the littlest

I didn’t plan on it, and it honestly caught me off guard. Isn’t the way it goes, with parenting, so much of the time?
Little C — who turned 20 months old on Christmas Day — decided it was time to be potty-trained. 
She’d sat on the potty a few times before, just randomly when she pointed to it, but we’d never really made a big deal about it. Once, she was caught mid-poop in the tub (with her shrieking older brother), and so I whisked her onto the toilet to complete the job. But that didn’t really count.
Just a couple of days into the new year, she announced from her high chair that she had to use the facilities (“Poop! Poop!”) and squirmed in her seat like she was trying to escape. I asked off-handedly if she wanted to use the potty, and she said yes, so I took her.
And then she did.
Little C — without pants — minutes after her first real potty-poo
I was impressed, but I still didn’t think it was really going to be a thing. She just turned 20 months! Come on! 
But two days later, she was doing so well with her occasional “pants-free” sessions that I broke down and put her in a pair of D’s old Mickey Mouse undies (remember them?). Paired with some BabyLegs and a tee, it was pretty much the cutest thing you’d ever seen.

Wonder Woman Toddler
So I went out on Monday morning and bought C the teeniest, tiniest little girl underwear you could imagine. I bought two packages, actually, because I remember we didn’t have very many pairs for D when he was potty-training.
She loves her undies, and has been doing really well in them. She just wears them around the house — occasionally going fully-nude — and we still put diapers on for naptime, bedtime, and whenever we leave the house. I mean, D was 28 months before he left the house in underwear!
The funny thing is that most kids have trouble pooing in the potty — because they can hold it in if they get nervous or just don’t feel like going — but C seems to be the opposite. I think it’s because pee can creep up on you suddenly. Tricky pee!
So she’s had some pee accidents, but she is still absolutely rocking it. Yesterday morning, she had a small pee accident right in front of the toilet — which felt promising, because she was really close — but then promptly had two perfect pees in the potty within the next hour. Go, girl!
“Mommy, you’ll delete this blog when I’m older, right?”

Her diapers are practically dry during the times she does wear them. She’s really getting the hang of peeing on the potty. It’s all good. But …

Well, the trouble has been that C is *so* eager — or possibly just very eager to get it right — that she wants to go to the potty every six seconds. She’ll cry “Poooooo!” and rush to the bathroom, we’ll put her on the potty seat (that attaches to the regular toilet seat), she’ll remain seated for exactly one second, and then if nothing happens, she’s gone. She runs off to play for about, oh, six seconds, and then she wants to go on again.

She sounds so serious that I buy it. Every. Single. Time. Surely, she can’t be making it up this time! She sounds so genuine! But no, she is. Almost always. I know it’s because she’s getting used to the feelings, or really thinking she has to go (sometimes it’s just, ah, noises). But it also means I’m running her to the bathroom every six seconds — and eating my lunch standing up, at the counter. I just wish she’d give it a minute. Pee can be shy!

(She does have a small stand-alone potty, which is usually in the living room, but she prefers to use the real toilet. Which is good, in theory. Just more work for Mama!)

We didn’t really have this kind of high-maintenance training with D, so it feels a bit overwhelming. I keep second-guessing myself. Is she too young? Should we stop this entirely? Although, really, she started this whole thing, so I don’t think we have a choice. The little lady has spoken!

As I wrote about before, we did a very slow, laid-back approach and it worked like a dream. It fit D’s style — no dramatic changes to weird him out — but it wouldn’t fit C’s style. He’s the fastidious old man who likes things exactly the same way all the time, and she’s the feisty chick who’s always up for naked bowling or balancing punch bowls on her head while running in place — anything insane and loud and fast-paced. Two very different styles for two very different kids.

C, we’re so proud of you. You are such a determined, independent little spirit and we can only shake our head in amazement.


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