Crafting from recyclables: Make a homemade wagon from a diaper box

NOTE: Over on Instagram, I promised my pal Melissa from The Bix Blog a post about my adult gymnastics class, but I didn’t get it finished today. Tomorrow for sure!
So remember last Halloween when I made a Thomas the Tank Engine costume for D from an old disposable diaper box?
Oh yeah, it was epic! Paper mache, paint, the whole deal. 
He loved it, and he still plays with it a year later! So this year, I decided to make another costume element using a diaper box. 
Except, uh, less time-heavy! 
So here’s how to make a farmer’s wagon in a few verrrrry easy steps …
Take a diaper box and cut out HALF of the bottom (as a place for the legs)

Take the piece you cut out of the bottom, and tape it to form a divider — so the wagon has a “box” (which can be used to hold their trick-or-treat bag!

Cover the outside of the box in plain brown kraft paper, doodle some “wood grain” with crayons and markers, and glue on some wheels made from cardstock. Oh, and then coat the entire thing in strips of clear packing tape, to make sure it holds up some rough play!

If you’re feeling really ambitious, poke a few holes in the front and use zip-ties to hold a toy horse in place. Phillipe loved “pulling” D’s wagon. (He names all horses Phillipe, after the horse in Beauty and the Beast)

One very happy little farmer!

I have to say, this project is just as cute as the Thomas, and it took SO much less time. Now I’m wondering what else I can make out of a diaper box. Maybe an airplane?

Happy crafting!

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