Sew much to think about

I’ve been having fun sewing custom dresses for C during the odd naptime here and there, and it’s been really, really kind of awesome. 
I love taking either her or D to the fabric store, picking out something cute, and turning it into something unique for her to wear. Since I have a longstanding hatred of using patterns (my brain doesn’t work that way, apparently) I’ve been figuring things out on my own, or looking at pictures online and scrawling my own “patterns” on scraps of paper.
A few people have been telling me I should start sewing them to sell. And it’s gotten me thinking … 

All photos of my custom dresses taken from my Instagram feed (Laptops2Lullabies)

Is this something that I like doing because I’m doing it for C? Or is it something that could become a fun hobby business for me? Would people really buy dresses like these? What would I charge? Do I even have time for this? (Keeping in mind I spent every weekday naptime working as a freelance journalist, which leaves me with a few hours of “free time” on the weekends only)

I don’t know. I can’t decide.

I’m tempted to test the waters and see if anyone would be interested, first of all. I love designing and sewing these dresses, and creative pursuits make me happy. Of course, it wouldn’t be ME if I didn’t also launch into branding myself and doing up a website, but I’m trying not to put the cart before the horse.

Still …

It’s something I keep thinking about.
I have to give it a try, don’t I?


2 Comments on “Sew much to think about

  1. Those dresses look super-cute! As a mom of a one-year-old, I say “yes, people would buy them!” 🙂


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