… and then my kids ate my jewelry … (Product review)

The following post is a product review of Smart Mom Jewelry’s Beaded Teething Bling necklace. I was provided a necklace to review, but all content and opinions are my own.
We had a real issue with baby C when she was about 10 months old. She turned into a biting maniac who would chomp on unsuspecting family members (mainly me). It was NOT COOL, C (if you’re reading this when you’re older, please stop being a dramatic teenager and take pity on me, OK?)
D went through the same thing, to a lesser degree, but he still has an issue with chewing on his fingers/nails/hands and even his FEET, to my utter horror. 
I think my point here is kids = Bitey McBiterson?
When Smart Mom Jewelry asked me to review one of their teething necklaces, I was immediately interested. My kids have both been bad about yanking on jewelry (D has broken many a chain), and this stuff was supposed to stand up to the wear and tear of kids? They could even gnaw on it? Sign me up!
Beaded Teething Bling in “Zebra”
Oh, the bathroom selfies. You know them. You love them.
When the necklace arrived, it was bigger than I expected. I don’t normally wear anything expect a small silver chain with a few charms on it, so it took a little getting used to. I liked that it was black and white.
But I couldn’t believe how much the kids loved it! C grabbed it and put it in her mouth right away, and paused when she realized I wasn’t stopping her. D noticed immediately (as he notices immediately when I change my nail polish), and got in on the chewing action. I managed to wrestle the pendant away from them eventually and give it a little chew, too. In the name of research, of course!
It’s been a few months now, and I must admit I don’t think to put it on as often as I should. With all of the beads and the pearl finish, it feels a little dressy. But I think one of the single pendants on a plain cord would work much better for a casual, everyday Mom outfit. 
The kids recently started playing with it when they go into my closet in the mornings. Because the beads are safe and it has a breakaway cord, I can let them play dress-up with it while I get dressed and not have to worry. D loves wearing it, and C still goes to town gnawing on the beads.
They think it’s hands-down the best piece of jewelry I’ve ever owned — and the most delicious!

Thanks, Smart Mom!

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