Back to normal

Welcome to January!

As much as I love Christmas, I have mixed feelings about the temporary suspension from reality.

In a way, I like that it’s a break from your everyday routine, especially when it involves presents and special treats and visiting. But I also LIKE having an everyday routine — and more importantly, so do my children — so Jan. 2 is kind of when I breathe a sigh of relief that the whole holiday thing is over.

No sleep. So. Frigging. Exhausted.

Here’s a brief re-cap of our Christmas-y adventures, before we dive into 2013 for realz:

  • We spent three nights at my mom’s house
  • Baby C decided NOT TO SLEEP for the first night (Seriously. Little Sis and I got three hours’ sleep that night. Total.)
  • I ate poutine twice (we don’t buy frozen french fries anymore because we’re all healthy and stuff or something)
  • I ate my body weight in potato chips on Christmas Eve (BEFORE turkey dinner … not a wise decision, really)
  • Darling Husband had to work ALL over Christmas (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, you name it) but I was grateful to have my mom and Little Sis to hang out with (and the kiddos, of course)
  • D’s favourite gifts (not including his play kitchen, which he got before we left for my mom’s) are his tow truck, his firetruck, and a set of awesome blocks
  • C’s favourite gifts are all of D’s gifts … She’s really into whatever he’s playing with, and seems to like them all more than her own gifts!
  • My favourite gift is a gorgeous Kitchenaid stand mixer (which you may have seen me gushing about on Instagram) that is pretty much going to change my life
  • Darling Husband’s favourite gift was the 46″ television we ordered when the Boxing Day sales started on Christmas Eve (technically it’s for all of us, but of course he will enjoy it the most)
  • I got to hang out with family and friends that I don’t get to see very often
  • We had a decent amoumt of snow, and I had fun playing in it with D (including building a snowman and teaching him how to make snow angels)
  • I gained three-and-a-half pounds over the two-week period, but am not really worried about it because IT’S CHRISTMAS HOW CAN YOU NOT HAVE POUTINE?
  • Darling Husband had to work on New Year’s Eve, but I spent a very fun evening with my friend, J. We ate homemade caramel corn and bruschetta, and sang/danced our asses off to Miley Cyrus songs in my Disney Sing It game. I awesomely changed the lyrics of “See You Again” to “my best friend D— said ‘Oh, she’s just being Mommy!'” because I’m cool like that.
She looks innocent. But MAN — can this child stay awake all night.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday break, and are feeling ready to get back to “normal” along with me! I’m determined to find more time for blogging in 2013 — I’ve heard they’re going to start making each day 26 hours long, which is really helpful — so I look forward to hanging out with all my virtual friends as much as I can.


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