What happened there?


Well, I didn’t intend to take a bloggy breaky, but it seems I took one anyway, didn’t I?

Sorry to those who read my last post and thought I had gotten sucked into a vortex of making television characters out of old Pampers boxes. I didn’t! Promise!

I wish I had a real explanation for where I was, but the answer is quite boring. I was here, at home, doing the usual.

  • Loving on Baby C (who went and turned SEVEN MONTHS OLD yesterday, against my wishes) and Toddler D (who continues to be a very sweet but also stubborn not-quite-two-and-a-half-year-old)
  • Cooking meals that range from “Pretty good” to “Ugh … again?”
  • Washing dishes and wiping the counters a zillion times a day
  • Playing with farm animals (the plastic type … in a nonsexual way!)
  • Sweeping (not as often as I should)
  • Loading and unloading the dishwasher
  • Struggling to replace batteries in a Laugh’n’Learn kitchen toy (it took removing 12 screws before I finally located the actual battery compartment)
  • Doing laundry almost daily (that’s what four people plus two people who wear cloth diapers does to you)
  • Pureeing new foods for C to try
  • Working on my freelance assignments
  • Sleeping (not as much as I’d like)

But I also did some not-so-usual things in my near-month of absense, like:

  • Hosted a Duck Dynasty themed birthday dinner for Darling Husband, who turned 31 (!) which means I really must be 29 (!) and we are certifiably getting OLD (!!!) somehow
  • Oh yeah, and the above item involved making lots of food (and two birthday cakes) from scratch, which is always overwhelming to me because I get very nervous about hosting big events
  • Adjusted to Darling Husband’s insane new work schedule, which has turned our lives upside-down but is not altogether bad, once you get used to it
  • Completed the adorable play kitchen for D & C’s Christmas gift (post coming — I swear, it’s so cute, it’s like Pinterest threw up all over it)
  • Finished all of our Christmas shopping, including stocking stuffers (because I am one of those weird people who get anxious when malls get busy, so I always finish before Remembrance Day)
  • Supervised Darling Husband while he finished painting the hallway/stairs of our house, helped him re-hang a million photos, sewed a valance, and hemmed sheers
  • Organized the crap out of the toys in our basement Play Room/Man Cave/Family Room (will I ever settle on a name for this room?)
  • Continued to kick ass and take names in this whole Weight Watchers insanity (who’s down 56 friggin’ pounds? Uh, meeeeee!)

I guess the morale of this post is that blogging takes TIME, y’all (it also takes Southern accents!), so sometimes when life gets overwhelming, it’s OK to step back and not blog. Because you get all kinds of other crap done!

I always feel guilty when I don’t blog, but I try to keep some perspective and remind myself that sometimes I just CAN’T.

When the only time I manage to detach myself from both children and get onto the computer is a brief window in which I NEED to finish my freelance assignments (which, you know, bring in actual money) then unfortunately I just can’t spend time tapping away my little thoughts in Blogger. As much as I might want to. Or need to!

I guess the solution is for Laptops to Lullabies to get super-famous — like the Sherrys and Katies and Melissas and Amalahs of the world — with lots of sponsored posts and advertising, so I can afford to spend lots of time blogging. The DREAM, right? We all know I have plenty to say, and some of it is even interesting!

Until then, I promise to post as much as my two-kids-two-and-under / working-from-home-with-zero-childcare lifestyle can allow … and also cut myself a bit of a break when I can’t.


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