Easy toddler art activity

I’ve always been a crafty girl, and I’m passionate about getting my kids to be creative, too. D and I do a lot of art projects together.
He loves to draw, colour, paint, sculpt, cut things out, glue — you name it. And he’s just barely two years old. As he gets older — and I can trust him with more items — the list of things we can craft is only going to grow. Beadwork is next on our list, but that one’s going to require a lot of concentration on my end — he still puts things in his mouth sometimes.
An easy craft we’ve been doing a lot lately is making homemade wrapping paper*. He loves it, it keeps him busy (read: quiet) for a while, and it’s practical, too. There are always presents to wrap for someone, it seems!
Homemade Wrapping Paper
  • Take some acrylic paint and pour it in a plastic cup. I usually add some water, too, so it’s easy to clean off his little hands.
  • Grab a toddler-sized paintbrush (I give him my old cruddy brushes so I don’t care what he does with them) and a paper towel
  • Spread out a large piece of paper (sometimes I use plain paper, sometimes it’s construction paper or solid-coloured wrapping paper)
  • Let your toddler go wild with the paint brush
  • When they slow down, make their brush “new” again by wrapping the paper towel around it and showing them how to sponge paint/stamp on the paper

*I’m a bad blogger, so excuse the lack of an “after” photo, but rest assured this paper turned into a very lovely-looking wrapped gift for one of D’s little girlfriends.

One word of caution: Don’t put a lot of paint in the cup, because at some point they WILL purposely pour the cup of paint all over the paper. Every. Single. Time. Just put enough so that when they do pour it, it’s not going to flood the paper and go everywhere. Lesson, uh, learned.

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