A weighty issue

Tomorrow, Darling Husband and I will celebrate four years of marriage and exactly 12 YEARS of being a couple.

And the day after that?
We’re changing our lives.

Seriously! We are!

On Sunday morning, Darling Husband and I are following in Jessica Simpson’s footsteps and officially starting the Weight Watchers Online program.

I KNOW, RIGHT? Believe me, we are as shocked as you are that Mr. and Mrs. McNugget are changing their ways.

Weight Watchers Online is something that I started thinking about a few weeks ago, and couldn’t get out of my head. I got absolutely hooked on Molly’s blog (and her old blog), and went nuts reading all of the archives. Molly joined the program and had incredible success, and she basically became my bloggie heroine overnight. In a fit of I-want-to-be-like-Molly-ness, I decided it was exactly what I (well, we) needed.

Because, well:

  • I am the queen of junk food. I really and truly am. Some people say they couldn’t eat much fast food because it’s so greasy, etc., but if McDonalds wouldn’t kill me and make me weight 1,300 lbs., I would go absolutely berserk with it. It’s delicious (to me). Darling Husband loves it just as much as I do, so we probably just drag each other down the evil french-fry-lined path.
  • I think I have a genuine potato chip addiction, too. Having chips and a nighttime glass of Diet Coke while watching TV or reading is kind of the BEST THING EVER to me. (Sidenote: God, this is going to be hard, isn’t it?) Darling Husband = same way (except replace Diet Coke with beer)
  • I am a really boring, crappy cook, and I can never think of new, healthy ideas to make for dinner. We eat the same things over and over again, and those things probably aren’t too healthy. I honestly feel like I don’t know how to change that, so getting ideas from the program is going to be really helpful.
  • I know we don’t eat enough vegetables, and when we do, we never, ever like them. We buy bags of frozen vegetables, and I just cook them in plain water, and serve them … well, nude … alongside our chicken or whatever else we are eating. They taste dull, they are dull, and yet I don’t know what else to do. If I had some kind of recipe with vegetables in it? That would be, like, good.
  • I want us to be good examples for D and C — especially D, since he’s the only one eating real food so far. Darling Husband grew up in a house where people put sugar and salt on everything, drank regular pop, ate dessert nightly, and BUTTERED STORE-BOUGHT GARLIC BREAD OMG. I grew up with a nanny who made pretty healthy dinners every night, and then existed on frozen fries and Lunchables and other quickie junk once we were too old for the nanny. I want to crack down on our unhealthy eating habits now, so the kids grow up in a house where this kind of good, healthy eating is NATURAL.
  • I want to lose the baby weight. Although, I must say — if I’m being 100% honest — I’m probably not too much bigger right now than I was before getting pregnant with C. I have not weighed myself since having her, so I have no idea how many pounds I have lost in the last six weeks. This is mostly about the fact that I wasn’t happy with my weight BEFORE I got pregnant with C — or even D — or even for years before that. I haven’t been happy with my weight since high school. I want to get to a place that I haven’t been in more than a decade. Now that, my friends, is scary stuff.
  • I want to feel better. I’ve had a few health concerns since this last C-section. I’ve been feeling horribly dizzy, faint, and weak all the time. I went for bloodwork and was told my iron was low (shocker … not), and I have to take 300mg three times a day (sucks). I started that yesterday, but it will take a few weeks before I might see improvement. I do think that I’m also (A) not eating enough, and (B) not eating healthy enough. Changing my eating habits could make a big difference in my energy.
  • Darling Husband wants to go skydiving. Yes, this is somehow related to weight loss. He is dreaming of jumping out of a plane (crazy fool), and you have to be under a certain weight in order to do it (I forget the exact number). So that is a huge part of Darling Husband’s motivation. He also, of course, wants to look better, feel better, be healthier, look better in clothes, etc.
  • We don’t get enough exercise. Darling Husband hasn’t been sporty since high school — when he was a strikingly handsome rugby player, mmmmmm — and I haven’t been sporty since … um, ever? We were both members of a gym a zillion years ago, LOVED it, and both lost weight (I actually went four mornings a week at 6 a.m., because I was part of a special womens’ trial program). But then we moved out of the area, and our one-car/three-job problem prevented us from going anywhere else. When D was a baby, we were really great about going on long walks in the evenings, but since I got pregnant with C, we haven’t done much of anything. Now that I’m officially allowed to exercise after the C-section, I’m determined to get my sweat on. Joining a gym isn’t a possibility, unfortunately — since we still only have one car, and Darling Husband works so much — but we’re going to walk and do home workouts to start.

So follow along, dear readers, as Darling Husband and I tackle this massive change. We’re both nervous about how we’re going to like it, but the thought of looking — and feeling — hotter better by our fifth wedding anniversary has us both very excited.

5 Comments on “A weighty issue

  1. Might I suggest http://www.myfitnesspal.com. It's a great website where you can log food and set goals for yourself and track everything.. it has a giant database of foods and unlike Weight Watchers it is free! Good luck either way. 🙂


  2. Yay! This is obviously my favourite post ever. I think the first little while was the hardest and any little hiccup had me wanting to run for the hills. If you remember to stick with a clear goal (even if it is a small goal) in mind, things will get better.
    It is so awesome that your partner is doing it with you… and I have a sneaking suspicion that eventually your food addictions will wear off. I love me some french fries, but I don't crave them nearly as much AND when I do eat them I can't eat as much in one sitting. Who knew that would ever happen??
    I can't wait to follow along!


  3. Wow! Good for you guys! There's always power in numbers, that's for sure, so it'll make it so much better (and enjoyable, I'm sure) that you're doing it together. And you are NOT a crappy cook at all! 😉


  4. I have had your pizza and I know that is like the best pizza ever so you can't be a bad cook!

    Funny you you posted this now and that I am finally catching up with your blog because –

    a – Shayne and I are starting our 30 day challenge today which has us both following WW and exercising more and getting more healthy over all. So maybe we can share ideas, thoughts, recipes?

    b. Shayne wants to go skydiving (I don't!!!) and he would love someone to go with. Maybe they lose weight and go together!

    Good luck to you both. If there is anyone who can do this it is you!



  5. Thanks for the comment love, girls! And I'm glad you enjoy my homemade pizza, haha. I'll still be making it — just eating less of it, and having it with salad! 🙂

    That's so awesome that you and Shayne are doing WW, too, Allie! He and M have even MORE in common than they already did, so cute. M would definitely love a skydiving buddy, too!

    So far I've made one WW recipe (Piccadilo Stuffed Potatoes, I think it was called?) and it was great. Going to try a few more this week. Would love to share them with you!


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