Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Weeks 33, 34

Week 33 (March 10-16)
& Week 34 (March 17-23)

Got behind on my blogging, so I’m cramming two weeks’ worth of re-cap into one. This whole pregnancy-when-you-have-a-toddler-and-work-from-home gig is … hard!

Symptoms: Heartburn — still taking the daily max of four pills, and it’s mostly OK. Mostly. Still getting very short of breath at times, and experiencing back pain the evenings, but it’s not too terrible for the most part. The worst symptom over the last two weeks has been the constant have-to-pee sensation — and then only peeing a teeny tiny bit. Frustrating!

Body changes: Stomach looks low at certain angles, but also seems kind of high — and super-round. I’m quite basketball-y this time around, which is cool. No real change, except it’s just probably getting bigger by the second.

Baby movement: LOTS of movement. I am constantly doubling over and kind of groaning from the force of the kicks — especially when she gets me in the bladder. Most of it is concentrated on my right side, and I often feel jutting-out parts that I think are knees or feet.

Cravings: Plain potato chips. Water. Peanut-butter crackers.

Aversions: Don’t feel like eating most of the time. It’s a chore. And it feels like I can’t fit any food in my stomach.

High point: More playdates with great friends! A few of my friends are even pregnant, so there’s always tons to talk about. The toddler gets super-excited when anyone comes over or when we go to someone’s house. We’re social butterflies, y’all!

Low point: Finding it harder and harder to focus on my freelance work. I often get asked how I have the motivation to work so much (when the toddler naps or is in bed for the night), and I answer that if you’re only getting paid for what you do, motivation is not an issue. Lately it’s just been hard to work when I’m really tired or uncomfortable. Strange to think that if I still worked full-time, I’d be going off work for maternity leave at this point.

How does this week compare to Week 33 and Week 34 during pregnancy #1? Well, it’s finally started happening — the swelling. I can press my fingers into my ankles, and I get little Silly Putty dents. They’re very minor, though, and my ankles cankles/legs don’t look any different, so it’s nothing like last time. Apparently my blood pressure is similarly low, though — even lower this time (90/50). Luckily, in pregnancy, that’s a great thing.

Baby preparation: My lovely Mamsie threw me a little shower for her friends/neighbours and some family, so we were able to knock a few more things off our list. The only things I still need are some more washcloths, soothers, a sling/wrap, and a new nasal aspirator. Oh, and I plan on packing the hospital bags this week. Although last time that was a bit of a pain, because I kept needing to wear things and then re-wash and re-pack them. Oh well — doing it anyway.

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