Weekly re-cap of pregnancy #2: Week 30

Week 30

(Feb. 18 through Feb. 24)

Symptoms: Heartburn (it’s brutal, guys). Shortness of breath (especially when going up the stairs — or two flights in a row). That uncomfortable have-to-pee feeling.

Body changes: My stomach (did I ever tell you that I don’t like the word “belly”? I associate it with fatness and jiggly-ness, and just … don’t like it, as a word) is much lower-looking. It seems kind of pointy and really low, all of a sudden. Did the baby drop? No clue. I should ask my first-time-pregnant self, as she has lots of time to Google and always knew the answer to things like this.

Baby movement: At least a few times every day, I feel a kick that makes me go, “Ow!” Most of the time, it’s not uncomfortable, though.

Cravings: White rice (we didn’t have any — curses!), spinach and artichoke dip (we had some — woohoo!)

Aversions: Chicken

High point: A super-fun evening with my book club ladies. It is quickly turning into the ONLY thing I do “just for me” in my life, and I take that very seriously. Love it!

Low point: Feeling guilty when I get tired and can’t do something with the toddler (namely go on insanely long walks around the neighbourhood where he’ll insist on being carried half-way through). I also feel guilty that he’s watching more TV than usual, as I struggle to keep up with my freelance committments (usually I just work during his naps/after bedtime, but sometimes I need to do things when he’s awake).

How does this week compare to Week 30 during pregnancy #1? Still no swelling! Woohoo! I see that I’m equally crazy about the whole nesting thing, though.

Baby preparation: Very glad the nursery is done, although now I keep thinking of things to add! I sewed a quilt this week (super cute), and have another artwork project in mind. Can’t wait to show you guys the pics — tomorrow!

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