Not Me Monday: Migraine edition

  • While suffering at home alone with Toddler of Terror yesterday, I cheerfully “bucked up” and cooked a three-couse meal that included a salad course. I would never hand my toddler a cup of juice and the bag of Teddy Grahams and collapse back onto the couch.
  • When the four-course meal Teddy Grahams got crushed into the couch cushions and sprinkled across the hardwood floors, and failed to satisfy the toddler, I jumped up and whipped together a second healthy meal. I would never resort to feeding my child a dinner of milk, a buttered roll, and a bowl of blackberries and raspberries.
  • When the toddler got fussy, I certainly didn’t take the lazy route and just pop a soother in his mouth and cuddle him on the couch with me while watching Legally Blonde 2.
  • I kept my darling boy up with me until the last minute, savouring every minute with him. I definitely didn’t put him to bed 25 minutes early, just because my head COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE. Oh no.

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