Not Me Monday

  • When the toddler woke up at 7 a.m. this morning, I bounced out of bed and greeted him immediately. I did not turn down the monitor and lie in an sniffly miserable allergy-induced stupor for 10 minutes before retriving him.
  • Then I totally didn’t drag his ass back to bed with me, praying he would lie next to me and sleep.
  • I definitely didn’t long for the days of breastfeeding, when I could give him the boob and lure him back to sleep.
  • I made him a hot and varied breakfast that was way more exciting than OJ, toast, and apple slices
  • When he was finished breakfast, I turned on the TV and let him watch Treehouse while I read archives of on my phone began a rousing and educational activity

So what do you think?

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