How to make a baby-friendly quesadilla

Assemble a whole-wheat tortilla, some chopped tomatoes, peppers and chicken, and cheese (babies love cheese like mamas love … well, cheese)

You see, right now they’re chopped to normal-person size …

Chop the crap out of them until they’re baby-sized

I don’t suppose babies can have salsa (little weaklings), so I sort of mushed the pulverized tomato bits onto the tortilla as “salsa.”

Add the so-tiny-you-can-barely-see-them pepper bits, and the crushed-into-tiny-flakes chicken bits

Add cheeeeeeese because babies (and everyone) loves cheeeeeese!

Fold the tortilla over and cut into two lovely chunks

Freeze one, refrigerate one, eat immediately — whatev!

Chop into miniscule bites (common theme here) and serve to your baby!
If they are anything like mine, they will go apeshit for it.
Gobble gobble GOBBLE!


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