Not Me Monday: Mother’s Day edition

  • I did not eat bacon THREE TIMES on Mother’s Day 
    • For breakfast on an English muffin with cheese (lovingly prepared by Darling Husband)
    • For lunch on a Teen burger (my absolute fave)
    • For supper with an omelet and toast (made with Little Sis for our dear mama)
  • I did not beg for Darling Husband’s noise cancellation headphones so I could sleep in while he took care of Baby Boy … and then get annoyed because he wouldn’t let me roll over in them because I might break them. I’m not a high-maintenance sleeper-inner.
  • I did not sit across from Darling Husband at lunch and say, “OK, tell me all of the reasons that I’m a great mother … Go ahead!” I am nothing if not modest.
  • I did not pass off Baby Boy (and his stinky poo diaper) to Darling Husband and announce, “It’s Mother’s Day. Here you go!”

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