My Monday sucked … how ’bout yours?

Without spewing too much negativity into the interwebz, here is a brief list of things that are upsetting/frustrating/stressing me out:

  1. Finances. Oh, the days when I worried how we would survive with me being on mat leave. Nothing compared to the reality of mat leave coming to an end. We are very confident in our decision for me to stay home with Baby Boy (and do freelance work), but still, we are worried. Wouldn’t it be nice to win the lottery, too? To cover the tax bill that is lurking on the kitchen counter, among other things. Not a huge lottery. We’re not picky. Just like $5,000 or something. Please? 
  2. The sale of our condo. We had it sold. The buyer’s financing fell through. Now we’re trying to sell it again. The market sucks. I’m worried we made the wrong decision to sell privately. Real estate agents keep sending snail mail pleads for their business, and yesterday one called me. Um, YES, we obviously considered an agent — we can’t afford one! I hung up and wanted to cry. 
  3. The balancing act. I’m freelancing every day. I’m so grateful for the work, and I want to keep it coming. But I’m also starting to drown a bit. Some days I am keeping my head above water, but other days (like the awful Monday that was yesterday), it’s like I’m busting my ass to stay afloat but nothing is getting done completely, done right. Taking care of a baby by yourself is a lot of work. So is keeping house, with all of the laundry/dishes/cleaning/cooking/more laundry minutiae. I have to plan out every minute of my day just to get everything done, and the result is feeling like my life is one big Project That Must Be Managed. There is no time for me. Attempting to take time for me only increases the worries of #1. Maybe when #2 is resolved, the pressure on #1 will ease up, I can take a break, and #3 will be easier.
There — rant over. 
I am trying really, really hard to get over these feelings of worry and fear and negativity and stress. I know we have so much for which to be grateful. 
I used to have pity-parties all the time, but having Baby Boy has significantly changed my outlook on, well, everything. I’m more appreciate of things now, and I try to always look for the lesson in hard times — whereas the pre-baby (often selfish and whiny) me would have been all ROARRRR WHY IS THIS SUCKING SO BAD? I HATE EVERYTHING ROARRRRRR! FML!

The post-baby me is different. 
More mature. More calm. 
I am trying to be grateful. 
I am trying to get through this. 
We have each other. 
We have our amazing, healthy baby.
We have a comfortable home that we can’t seem to sell.
We are paying the bills for now.
I just have to keep repeating these things to myself.
And being grateful for what we have.

2 Comments on “My Monday sucked … how ’bout yours?

  1. Hey Heather,

    I totally feel where you're coming from here… we're living in Edmonton and our condo has been “on the market” (through Comfree) since late last summer. It's frustrating that it hasn't sold yet, but how do I make sense of paying an additional $15,000+/- to pay someone to put it on MLS and do no more work than I can do myself, I just can't justify paying that much in commission, when it's more than 1/3 of what I make in a year.

    I have budgeted/re-budgeted countless times, but evidently the answer is in selling the condo, and I still feel that even if we took “a loss” we'd end up caught up and further ahead than if we stayed here.

    While our situation is obviously different (minus a baby, and both of us only having to work one job) it's equally as frustrating when you feel like you aren't accomplishing what you set out to. Husband and I are living on the other side of the Country from our families (we're both from the Maritimes) and so there's a feeling a failure when you are just aching to sell your property in order to get ahead.

    You're not alone…



  2. Thank you so much for your comment, Miss Murried. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

    Sometimes it feels like other people our age are leaps and bounds ahead of us. So it is comforting to know we are not alone in this sucky real estate market, and in the struggle to get ahead.

    Thanks again!


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