The airplane nursery

In the spirit of sharing more about my real-life life, here are the long-awaited photos of Baby Boy’s airplane-themed nursery. 
I’ve mentioned before that Darling Husband works in the airline industry, so this was a no-brainer theme when we found out we were expecting a little man.

I bought three big canvases and painted a plane across them — leaving a little gap between each one makes it more interesting. Darling Husband painted the walls a bright sky blue, and I painted white clouds and yellow airplanes on the walls. I made the quilt from different fabrics (yellow, red, and blue) that had subtle patterns.

Oh, and that’s a doll tucked into the crib — I was a very crazy pregnant lady when I took these photos, and wanted to see “the full effect.”

A closer look at my painting amazingness. It seems like yesterday that I was hunched over those canvases with my giant preggo belly!
I bought this set of nine mini-canvases, and painted the codes (names?) of nine different airplanes. “A” stands for Airbus, “B” stands for Boeing, and … I don’t remember the rest. Ask Darling Husband.
I sewed the curtains using more of that yellow-and-white polkadot fabric that I used in the crib quilt. I sewed little tie-backs, and made tiny airplanes (out of Sculpey polymer clay) to glue onto the hooks.


I originally wanted airplane artwork to hang over the changing table, but couldn’t find anything I liked. I came across his poster in a teacher’s supply store when I was pregnant, and loved it — the colours were perfect, and the message is great. So I bought a $8 white frame at Michaels, and it was done.

You can also see two sets of hooks off to the right. I found them in my mom’s basement and painted them red and white — they’re really cute, and perfect for hanging up some outfits and his laundry bag.

 I’m so happy with how our airplane nursery turned out. It’s bright, cheerful and unique. Although I must say, I can’t wait to move into a new place and re-decorate — it’s too much fun!

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