Check me out, in technicolor glory!

Hi! See, I’m a real person?

Happy Monday, Lovelies!

I hope you’re all liking the changes to the bloggy-blog — design stuff, widget stuff, personal-info-stuff, and even a brand-spankin’ new URL (

I worked my butt off this weekend, since Darling Husband was off and could therefore help me out on the bambino front.

Recent professional developments — news coming soon! — have made me ultra-motivated to blog more and start using my Twitter account again. I’ve also become a little less “anonymous” (Hi, I’m Heather … for reals!), which is a nice change after writing this blog for more than two years.

First up on the “real me” exposition, scheduled for tomorrow: photos of Baby Boy’s actual airplane-themed nursery!

So, in conclusion, hiiiiiiiiii from a real-life person, and I hope you like the changes. Leave your comment love, or drop me a line to my shiny new e-mail address (heather-at-laptopstolullabies-dot-com).


5 Comments on “Check me out, in technicolor glory!

  1. Hi Heather!

    Nice to meet you.

    Love your blog. You have the invitation to mine, right? Sorry, I try to keep it private, but since I read your blog, I thought it would be only fair to share my life with you as well 🙂



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