Mormon Mommy Blogs show us a new kind of happiness

This is the best article I have read in a long time. Take five minutes and read it — it’s awesome:

Here’s a snippet:

There’s been a lot of talk in recent years about “the New Domesticity” — an increasing interest in old-fashioned, traditionally female tasks like sewing, crafts and jam making. Some pundits see this as a sign that young women yearn to return to some kind of 1950s Ozzie and Harriet existence, that feminism has “failed,” that women are realizing they can’t have it all, after all. That view is utterly nonsense, in my opinion, but I do think women of my generation are looking to the past in an effort to create fulfilling, happy domestic lives, since the modern world doesn’t offer much of a road map. Our parents — divorced, stressed-out baby boomers — are hardly paragons of domestic bliss. Nor are the Gen X “Mommy War” soldiers, busy winging snowballs of judgment at each other from across the Internet. (Formula is poison! Baby wearing is child abuse!)

I totally identify with the writer. I became equally as obsessed with these kinds of blogs when I was plagued with Baby Fever. Oh, those were the days. I probably set records for the amount of blog-reading and baby-name-site-perusing I did.

You name it, I read it. Blogs about happy stay-at-home moms who craft and bake and sew and organize and paint and clean and invent new recipes, all while doing fun projects with their kids and appreciating their loving husband. Blogs like this absolutely paint a picture of the kind of life I aspire to have — and it seems a lot of other women feel that way, too!

Is it possible that reading these blogs increased my desires to get pregnant, be a good wife, sew throw pillows  and curtains, make homemade baby food, sew baby clothes, and be a stay-at-home mom? Maybe. Or maybe I always had those desires, and these blog showed me that it was OK not to be a corporate take-over-the-world type — the way girls my age we taught to aspire to be. Either way, I agree with the writer of the article — what is so wrong with this?

I am seeing people in my generation embracing the old-fashioned, the traditional. But it doesn’t mean we don’t also want to be successful in another field (I do), or that we are failed feminists (I’m not). I think it’s a matter of following your heart, and I am happy to say that I am.

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