Not Me Monday: Baby’s first Halloween edition

  • I did not let my four-month-old baby knaw on the pumpkin lid — twice — for a minute or two before taking it out of his hand. I would never expose my child to the damaging effects of pumpkin.
  • I lit our jack-o-lantern every night, including Halloween. I would never forget or “not bother” to light it even once, ever, after we lit it for photos post-carving.
  • I am quite sure the pumpkin will get to the dumpster in a timely matter this year. I would never keep a pumpkin on our deck for several months, because it got too moldy and gross to touch. Such a thing would never be the source of fights between me and Darling Husband.
  • I was not supremely disappointed that we only got one (tiny) package of candy while “trick-or-treating” (a.k.a. driving around visiting people we knew). I had not had my heart set on mini-bags of cheesies.
  • I was not in bed at 8 p.m. on Halloween night. I stayed up late, looked out the windows often and actually saw a trick-or-treater or two.
  • I watched all of the Halloween movies on TV over the weekend, and had a bunch of those horror movie marathons — like all the single people on my Facebook friends list did. I really need more things to excite me and keep me up at night.

So what do you think?

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