And so we threw money at the problem …

Meet Sophie.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably already met her.

She’s the fancy-pants rubber giraffe — with NATURAL FOOD DYE SPOTS — that is available for babies. They apparently love to chew on her, and she is great for teething.

It’s totally weird that she squeaks and looks exactly like a doggie toy There is nothing weird about her.

I knew, off-handedly, that she existed. I’ve seen other babies with her. She’s available around here at Toys ‘R’ Us, and I didn’t register there, so it never bothered me that I didn’t receive one as a gift.

And then the teething started …

Technically, I think Baby Boy has been teething since he was about two months old. He’s drooly. He’s chompy. His gums are hard and you can see AND feel the little buggers inside. He’s doing the whole let’s-shove-my-entire-fist-in-my-mouth-until-I-gag routine.

He’s made it to this point just chewing on his pacifiers and his fists. He had a couple of teethers that I’d gotten as shower presents, but they were designed for older babies, and didn’t fit well in his teeny mouth.

Yesterday, I’d had enough of the fisting routine, so we marched ourselves to Toys ‘R’ Us and bought two different types of teethers in the “three months and up” category. A pack of teethers-that-look-like-soothers, and a complicated-looking Sassy teether that was a water-filled ring attached to a rubber ball.

Teethers that look like soothers? He hated them.
Complicated Sassy teether? He sucked on it for a bit, but then continued fussing.

I broke down and gave him wet baby washcloths to suck on. He was happy at first, but then he cried after a few minutes once they’d warmed up. So I’d dunk them in my glass of ice water, ring them out, and start over again. I felt guilty to hear him swallowing water, because the breastfeeding natzis were so strict about him not having water.

While Facebook-messaging last night with my friend, C, she suggested Sophie. Her friend had great luck introducing Sophie to her teething son. How could we not try it!? So Darling Husband and I went back to Toys ‘R’ Us today — yes, twice in 24 hours, all for teethers — and adopted the slender little giraffe.

The jury (a.k.a. Baby Boy) is still out. The two of them are just getting to know each other, but I have high hopes — DESPERATE HOPES — that they’ll hit it off and make each other very happy.

I also have high hopes that Little Dog does not steal the overpriced squeaky doggie chew-toy Sophie and put us out $23.99.

So what do you think?

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