Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty

  1. Their nails are long! And dirty! Who would have thought? Not me. I cut them every other day, it seems, and there is usually dirt underneath them. What gives? He doesn’t go anywhere to get them dirty!
  2. They have gunky eyes. I hadn’t experienced eye boogers like this since Darling Husband and I owned a cat — yeah, we owned a cat once. Long story that ended with us NOT owning a cat, although it had nothing to do with the eye boogers. Anyway, just like with the cat, I had to get accustomed to wiping away this eye crusts and glops. Because at times — like when a string of it reaches from his eyelid to his lower lashes — it is damn gross.
  3. They have sweaty armpits. Or is this just my baby? Oh God, it is, isn’t it? He’s some kind of strange baby who is entering early puberty, isn’t he?
  4. They get dirt trapped inside their clenched fists … On the rare occasions Baby Boy would open his fists, I would catch a glimpse of a dirt fleck. But before I could grab it, oops! Fists clammed up again.
  5. … and in their neck folds. If I had a penny for every speck of dust (dust?) I find and wipe out of Baby Boy’s neck crevasses, I would be able to afford a Bugaboo Frog.

2 Comments on “Five surprising ways newborns are kinda dirty

  1. yes, they are sweaty and dirty. It's always confused me how they get so much dirt built up in their folds


  2. my little girl is 6 weeks and a few days and i totally agree with all of them except the sweaty armpit thing, lol.


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