Welcome to Week 38

Sunday, May 16, 2010

37 weeks pregnant — now in Week 38!
We are really getting down to the wire, folks!
Lately, I’m getting constantly asked about the due date, and I always reply with, “Three weeks to go, but anytime’s good!” and then the person will chuckle and agree that I probably do want it over with soon.
But …
I am also getting a lot of the annoying people who launch into spiels about how FIRST BABIES ARE ALWAYS LATE, and FIRST BABIES ARE NEVER EARLY, and YOU MIGHT BE TWO WEEKS LATE HAR-DE-HAR-HAR!
I obviously know that yes, being late is a very real possibility. But as the wise and powerful Amalah says, “the word ‘overdue’ pretty much feels on par with the f-word during the final weeks of pregnancy.” It does! It really does!
I would prefer to think positively. After all, a friend of mine just delivered her baby boy — her first! — eight days early, while they were still in Week 39. SEE! It’s possible!
OK, before I get too worked up, here’s what happening with Baby Boy this week:
Baby’s size: He could weigh between SIX and EIGHT whole pounds, and might measures 21 inches. Since boys are usually bigger than girls, I’m betting on eight or higher!

Development: He’s storing his first poo (that will be Darling Husband’s turn to diaper), and his lungs are maturing. At this point, he’s considered totally full-term, and could arrive at any time — most likely without needing medical intervention.

Appearance: Getting stronger every day, and packing on the pounds. Clearly, he wants to come out before he outgrows any of his cute clothes, right?

So what do you think?

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