Weekly re-cap

(April 25 – May 1)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles and feet, pelvis pressure, leg pain, general “middle” pain.

Body changes: I am basically a huge stomach, with a person attached behind it.

Belly button: Still in and very small/wrinkled.

Baby movement: Pretty much just squirming and shifting, especially in the evening. Sometimes a part of him — heel, fist? — will pop out on one of my sides, and it’s enough force that it pushes my arm away from my body!
What’s new? Dr. L suggested I make Friday (April 30) my last day of work, but I am going to hang around until this Friday (May 7) if at all possible. I like the idea of being off exactly one month before the due date — more than that seems like too much.

Energy level: Low. I go to bed at 9 p.m. most nights, which means I have to watch my favourite TV shows the following evening. God bless DVRs.

Baby preparations: Went to our final prenatal class, washed/dried some hand-me-down baby clothes from Darling Husband’s sister, moved the carseat base to the car (but have yet to install it … ahem, Darling Husband?)
Cravings: Sour cream! This was actually a highlight of last week, too, but once again — pregnancy brain made me forget to blog about it.
High point: Hitting the 40-days-to-go mark. It made it sound so CLOSE!

Low point: Frustration in dealing with The Replacement, general pain/discomfort that made it really gross to suffer through the work-week. FIVE DAYS LEFT.

So what do you think?

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