Weekly re-cap

(April 18 – April 24)

Symptoms: Swollen ankles and feet, pressure on my bladder, severe leg pain, general “middle” pain.

Body changes: This bump is sticking OUT so much! Today I turned sideways to look in the mirror, and it was like WHOMP!

Belly button: Still in (barely) and very small/wrinkled. I’m glad it’s in (to stay, I think), because I saw a few girls with outies on the hospital tour, and they were hot messes.

Baby movement: More squirming and shifting — my mom has nicknamed him Bam-Bam, because some of the movements cause me to grimace! The nurse confirmed that his head is still down (“waaaaay down” is how she put it), so I am pretty sure the hard mass I feel under my belly button is his butt (it’s a nice butt, like his daddy’s), and I feel what I know is a heel kicking constantly on my right side.
What’s new? I’m starting to get that “Omigod-get-him-OUT!” feeling. He just feels so big and strong and … and … OW! … that I wonder if he is actually a freaking street fighter or something.

Energy level: Low. And do I care? Meh. I am getting better about asking for help, which is a good thing.

Cravings: Popsicles!!! Holy crap, they are GOOD! The tri-colour ones that are red, white and blue. Mmmmmmmm.
High point: Watching hockey with my two favourite boys, and seeing them bond over it. Baby Boy is not even here yet, but already he has the best daddy.

Low point: Going to the hospital with severe leg pain, and being tested for a blood clot. It was a weird feeling to think that I might have something life-threatening wrong with me, and what that would mean for our baby. Kind of a wake-up call that it’s really not all about me anymore.

So what do you think?

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